Its Here!

So as I type Natalie is probably asleep in her hotel in Louisiana! Her appointment with Dr. Collins is tomorrow. I want to thank everyone who contributed to make this possible. I know this means the world to Natalie and Rob. God bless you all! Natalie plans to take tons of pictures and to tell you all about it when she gets home. Thank you again!

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Lisa said...

Amy - I'm hoping you will read this comment. I'm trying to setup a fundraiser for a friend of mine that has lost an infant and also struggling with infertility and can not afford to do another round of IVF. I was wondering how you went about setting up this peace of mind blog and logistically how you collected the money so it would go directly to the person it's benefiting. Can you please e-mail me so I can ask you a bunch of questions. I really appreciate. It looks like you design blogs so maybe we can just pay you to setup the blog fundraiser for me.

Thanks. Lisa